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If you are tired of the loud slamming sounds or costly repairs to your toilet seat and lid then this is the product for you.

The Toilet Cushy eliminates loud impact sound, protect the
mechanics, and stabilize the toilet seat and lid to the toilet bowl.

A loud sound is created at the impact of the toilet seat and
lid once closed. This loud impact creates a vibration that
causes damages to the mechanics that connects the toilet
seat and lid to the toilet bowl. Overtime from the constant
impact the mechanics become lose or possible breakage
causing the toilet seat and lid to slide off or detach from
the toilet bowl.

The Toilet Cushy decreases this impact therefore increasing
the life expectancy of the mechanics that attached the toilet
seat and lid.  How to apply.

  • No More Loud Impact Sounds From Closing The Seat and Lid .
  • Increases Life Expectancy Of Toilet Seat and Lid.
  • Stabilize Seat to Bowl.
  • No Bacteria, Fungus, or Mold (Added Antimicrobial Protection).

I'm so glad you came out with this affordable product. Having to deal with the loud slamming noise all these years has been frustrating. 
Barbara- Richmond, VA

Not having my husband or kids wake me up in the middle of the night from the toilet seat slamming is a blessing.  Lisa- Roseville, CA

At my apartment I heard my neighbors slamming their toilet seat all the time and I'm pretty sure they heard me. Ever since I purchased the Toilet Cushy and told my neighbors about the product it has been great stopping such a common problem we all share. Edward- Phoenix, AZ

I just had a party at my house and some of my guest commented on the past about how embarrassing it was to slam the toilet seat and then walk out to a room full of people. Your product solved a huge problem at my house. After seeing the Toilet Cushy they all are customers now. Great Product! Sylvia- San Antonio, TX

Faith- Austin, TX

Eliminates Loud Impact And Saves You From Costly Repairs

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