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Here are some answers to question we have received.

Q. Will this work on most toilets seat and lids?
A. Yes! No problems with your standard toilet seat and lid. There are some unique styles out on the market today that might require you to work on the placement of the Toilet Cushy to get the full benefits of the product.

Q. Will standard household cleaning supplies damage the product?
A. No! You can use your basic clear or white household cleaning supplies. Just apply to a clean rag and wipe down. Do not spray directly to Toilet Cushies.

Q. Is a person's weight a factor?
A. No! Every toilet seat is equipped with small adapters (stoppers) underneath to prevent the seat from laying flat on the toilet bowl. The Toilet Cushy fits in the space allowed with no problems.

Q. Should I flush this product when it's time to replace?
A. No! You never want to flush Toilet Cushy to discard. Please dispose of properly.

Q. Is the location of the Toilet Cushy important for install?
A. Yes! Apply to clean, dry surface. You want to place them flush on the bowl of the toilet with adhesive strip facing up and bring seat down so that the Toilet Cushy is 1/4"-1/2" under the stoppers.  

Q. Will bacteria, fungus or mold grow on this product?
A. No! Our products are naturally bacteriostatic but we added an antimicrobial just for added protection so that it is completely resistant.
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