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The Toilet Cushy eliminates the loud impact sound from the slamming of toilet seats and lids, protects the mechanics, and stabilizes toilet seats and lids to the bowl.

STEP ONE:  Apply to clean, dry surface. Raise toilet lid and seat to it's upright position. Start on one side of the bowl. Peel off adhesive seal on top of the Toilet Cushy and place flush on the bowl with adhesive strip facing up.

STEP TWO:  Bring  the seat down placing the Toilet Cushy 1/4"-1/2"  below the toilet seat stopper. Press down firmly to create a good seal with adhesive. 
STEP THREE:  Perform steps to other side and repeat all steps for the lid placing Toilet Cushy on top of seat. It's just that easy. Location of Toilet Cushy can vary due to the many styles of toilet design. 
When the lid and seat are placed in an upright position, it only takes a few seconds for Toilet Cushy to expand to its original shape and continue eliminating those loud toilet slams upon impact.

Toilet Cushy is made with scientifically advanced materials that can absorb impact and be compressed for long periods of time without losing its original shape and sound absorbing qualities, over and over again. A vinyl strip is added to the bottom to give extra seal support. This product is safe with all standard household cleaning supplies and is anti-bacterial.
Toilet Cushy works pretty much with every type of toilet seat out on the market today. For those unique styles that need added support here are a few options for placement that you can use.
Eliminates Loud Impact And Saves You From Costly Repairs
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