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If you are tired of the loud slamming sounds or repairs to your toilet seat and lid then this is the product for you.

The Toilet Cushy eliminates loud impact sound, protect the mechanics, and stabilize the toilet seat and lid to the toilet bowl.

A loud sound is created at the impact of the toilet seat and lid once closed. This loud impact creates a vibration that causes damages to the mechanics that connects the toilet seat and lid to the toilet bowl. Overtime from the constant impact the mechanics become lose or possible breakage causing the toilet seat and lid to slide off or detach from the toilet bowl.

The Toilet Cushy decreases this impact therefore increasing the life expectancy of the mechanics that attached the toilet seat and lid.

Eliminate Loud Impact And Saves You From Costly Repairs
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Single Pack $6.99
10 Packs $59.99
5 Packs $32.99

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Toilet Cushy Single

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